When is it Time to Take Golf Lessons?

There is never a bad time to take golf lessons, even a pro at the top of his game will tell you that. We learn something new every day and we always improve our game through expert coaching and practice. If you have lost direction with your swing or you are a beginner just starting out, golf lessons will be beneficial. Even a few lessons with a good instructor can make your game more effective.

Golf Swing Problems

Many pro instructors who give golf lessons in Bangkok will tell you that lots of golfers have problems with their swing. What they think they are doing isn’t actually happening when they swing. When a pro instructor looks at your technique and analyses the problem, they will be able to immediately identify what is going wrong. It sometimes takes the trained eye of a professional to fix small mistakes.


When you are a novice golfer, you should always learn to play with a skilled coach. Although you can be taught by friends or family, if they aren’t a certified instructor, you will pick up bad habits. The best time to get golf lessons is when you just start playing the game. You won’t pick up any bad habits that hinder your game as you progress. Bad habits are more difficult to get rid of once you programme them into your game.

Back to Basics

Another good time to go for golf lessons is when you are missing shots that used to be a formality. Some players reach a point where they struggle to make basic shots, shots that they would have easily made just a few short months ago. Even if you are a skilled golfer, there are times when you need to go back to basics.

Perceived Plateau

Some of us believe we have reached a plateau and our game will never get better. Although this may be true for some, most of us just need the right guidance and support to bring our golf game to the next level. The best way to do this is with a good coach.

There is never a bad time to get golf lessons. If you go to a good school and are taught by a skilled coach, you will always learn something new and improve your game, no matter what level you play at. Even elite golfers still listen and train with their coaches to improve their performance.

Post Author: Kara Ariel