What is the Most Popular Format of Cricket and Why?

Cricket, the gentlemen’s game, is the most celebrated worldwide, especially in India. Cricket is a culture in this country. Wherever you go, you can see a kid playing this game or a bunch of friends playing cricket. Be it Mumbai or Bangalore, the craze for this particular game never dies. Also, Team India’s performance in the world cup cricket has been exceptionally good. It has found many loyal Indian fans all over the world. Be it a cricket stadium or someone’s colony or street, you can witness cricket lovers everywhere. There are three formats of cricket: Test Cricket, One Day International (ODI), and T20 Cricket. Among all these, the crowd’s favourite is T20 Cricket.

Twenty20 internationals are the newest, fastest, and shortest form of the game. With just 20 overs for each side, the game is action-packed and full of eye-dazzling shots and fielding efforts. This match lasts about three and a half hours, close to how long a Bollywood movie lasts. For people who do not have the patience for an ODI match, T20 is the perfect pick. Every two years, there’s a t20 world cup where Eight teams from all over the world compete in this tournament to win the esteemed title.

Along with the short duration, the game is also extremely fast-paced. Here, the players display their skills to get widespread recognition.

Also, what’s fascinating is that in every World T20, there is a new player or talent who shines on the international stage. Owing to the short format and limited time, the players tend to put in more energy and effort throughout the twenty overs that each side gets.

The inaugural World Cup T20 was an experiment run by the ICC to test the waters. And as it pans out, the popularity of the game increased and was a huge commercial success. Later many countries around the world adopted it in a franchised form of sports, where individuals of high net worth can own a Cricket team, which later play against each other in a tournament format.

Cricket is popular in India. With several teams created, a high intensity T20 series gets organized every year. It is as popular as a football World Cup Game. One of the most exciting features of T20 cricket is that all franchises are allowed to rope in cricket players from different countries. For example, the teams have been known to have brought players like Shane Watson from Australia, Chris Gayle from West Indies on various occasions.

Today, T20 has loyal fans that are incredibly dedicated and follow it religiously. The standards and passion of the players have reached new heights that are unmatchable.

Post Author: Kara Ariel