Mohammed Shami vs. Mohammed Siraj – A Battle of Indian Pacers

Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj are absolutely killing it in the powerplay during IPL 2023! They are giving their best and making their mark in every match. The two India pacers have been battling it out for supremacy with each new ball in the IPL season, representing Gujarat Titans and Royal Challengers Bangalore, respectively.

The Indian pacers have showcased their immense talent and skill not only on the grand international platform but also in the highly competitive Indian Premier League (IPL). Let’s delve into the lives of these two exceptional cricketers as we meticulously dissect their skills, achievements, and invaluable contributions to cricket.

Mohammed Siraj and Shami International Career

On a momentous occasion on January 7, 2021, Siraj donned the Indian Test jersey for the very first time as he made his debut against Australia. In his Test career, he has showcased his skills in 19 matches, impressively claiming a total of 51 wickets with an average of 30.96. In the field of Test cricket, his most impressive bowling figures stand at 5 wickets for a mere 73 runs.

Besides, he has played around 24 innings in ODIs, where he has taken a whopping 42 wickets. Siraj also marked his T20I debut for India against New Zealand on November 4, 2017. In his T20I career, he played 8 matches, impressively claiming 13 wickets, but his most remarkable performance to date is an impressive 4 wickets for a mere 17 runs.

On the other hand, Mohammed Shami made his Test debut for India against the West Indies on November 6, 2013. In 64 Test matches, he’s claimed 225 wickets and boasts a stellar 6/56 as his top bowling figure. Besides, in his 90 ODIs, he has taken 162 wickets with an impressive average of 25.98. He also took 24 wickets in his overall T20I matches with an average of 29.62 and boasts a top bowling performance of 3/16.

Mohammed Siraj and Mohammed Shami IPL Careers

In his IPL career, Mohammed Siraj has featured in 79 matches, claiming 78 wickets at an average of 29.83. He has maintained a competitive rate of approximately 8.54 runs per over, with his best performance being 4/21. In the IPL Auction 2023, Bangalore secured Mohammed Siraj for a whopping Rs 7.00 crore.

However, Mohammad Shami has featured in 93 matches, showcasing his bowling prowess by claiming an impressive tally of 99 wickets. He’s a speedy bowler renowned for his knack for creating swing and seam. Gujarat Titans retained Mohammad Shami for IPL 2023 at INR 6.25 Crore.

In a remarkable display of skill and precision, Mohammed Shami showcased his bowling expertise, delivering his finest performance in an IPL match. With sheer dominance, he dismantled the Delhi Capitals’ batting order, claiming an impressive four wickets for a mere 11 runs.

Shami showcased his ability to play with the new ball, delivering a flawless seam presentation that left David Warner regretting his choice to bat first. Shami has now claimed the desired Purple Cap with a remarkable tally of 17 wickets.

On the contrary, Mohammed Siraj is a standout performer in IPL 2023 and has an impressive runs-per-over rate of 6.00 during the powerplay this season. In the thrilling clash against the Punjab Kings in Mohali, Siraj showcased his exceptional bowling skills during the powerplay.

Over the course of 14 overs, he delivered a total of 84 balls, an impressive 57 of which resulted in dot balls. Lastly, he concluded the match with outstanding figures of 4/21, securing a couple of crucial wickets in the final moments.

The Clash of Titans

The IPL clash between Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj guarantees an enthralling showdown. The bowlers’ unique styles challenge the batsmen. Shami’s lethal swing and disciplined lines test opponents’ technique and patience. In comparison, Siraj’s lightning speed and fierce aggression keep batsmen on edge.

The Shami-Siraj clash displays their talent and adaptability in various match situations. In this epic clash, we witness the clash of experience and youth, skill and raw talent. These epic clashes between these two outstanding pacers add an extra level of excitement and intrigue to the IPL for cricket fans.


In a mesmerizing display of fast-bowling brilliance, the IPL witnessed an epic duel between the formidable Mohammed Shami and the relentless Mohammed Siraj. The clash between Shami and Siraj expressed the very essence of what makes fast bowling a true spectacle in the world of cricket.

Post Author: Kara Ariel