Start with the correct amount of braided line when spooling a spinning reel. The line rating and recommended line capacity are printed on most spinning reels.

Why would you use braided fishing line on a spinning reel, anyway? Because braid casts further and is more sensitive than monofilament, many anglers believe that braid is the best line to use for spinning reels.


Attach and wind monofilament backing of 8-10 pound using an arbor knot. The line capacity of your reel will determine how much backing and line you need. For example, a 2500-sized reel with a line capacity that is 240 yards can be spooled using monofilament backing. (Breitling has a thinner diameter than braid)

This is a crucial step to take when you are learning how to attach line to a spinning reel. The monofilament backing will hold the arbor of your reel better than braid and will keep the braided lines from sliding around.


Next, open the bail of your reel and take the tag end from the manufacturer’s plastic reel. Thread it through the rod guides. Finally, use a double-uni knot for attaching the monofilament backing tag to the braided rope.


The reel will be engaged when the bail is closed. Next, tension the line and wind the braided rope off the manufacturer’s spool. To prevent line twist, you need to unwind the braided line from the plastic manufacturer’s spool in a clockwise direction (label side down) when you are learning how to spool a spinning reel with braid.


Continue to put braided lines on a spinning reel until they are within 1/8 inch of the edge.


After the spinning reel has been fully spooled you can cut the braid at the manufacturer’s plastic end. This is the final step. You can then tie on your leader and your lure/fishing hook.

After you have learned how to string a spinning rod with braid, it is time to learn about the benefits of using monofilament fishing lines for offshore fishing.

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