All About The Volleyball Attack Trainer

The spike trainer in volleyball is a piece of must-have equipment for teaching the techniques of training properly. The spike trainer comes in different types under different brands. They are basically a type of individual trainer that is designed to improve all aspects of volleyball training. Whether it’s footwork, attack height, or aroma swing, each and every posture of spiking can be learned with the use of the equipment. The volleyball attack trainer and other self-training equipment help in learning the six basic skills of volleyball, spiking, passing, digging, and serving.

What is the attack line in volleyball?

Volleyball is all about fitness and fun. Be it in the professional field or just for fun, this game teaches teamwork. There are certain rules that a team should maintain while playing. Understanding the importance of the volleyball attack line will help in providing the best scoring opportunities. The attack line is a line 10 feet from the net that gas decides the court up, ensuring the players can be open to attack the net at the same time. When the players in the front zone attack a ball, the player’s hand may cross the net without fearing a fault.  This is only allowed when the ball was made within the front zone space without making any contact with an opponent or the net.

Volleyball spiking rules

Volleyball spiking is one of the most dramatic of all volleyball skills. When a player is able to hit the ball to the other side of the court, it is called spiking. The volleyball attack trainer can surely enhance the spiking skills, but one needs to know about the rules of attacking in volleyball-

  1. A player attacking the ball can’t touch any part of the net while in motion.
  2. When a player attempts a back-row attack can jump from anywhere behind the 10-foot line.
  3. If the player is attacking from the front row can attack a ball but a serve from the other team.
  4. During the match, any player is not allowed to catch or throw the ball at any point.
  5. A player can’t throw the ball twice in succession.

Volleyball spiking training equipment:

All the volleyball training available in the market for spike training is designed for improving the skills of the game. No need to rush to the training center or playground for practice when one can use these training aids at home easily. Here are some of the most useful and popular volleyball attack trainers that one should know about.

  1. Rope Boundary Court Line: This unique training aid includes rope, storage reel, corner ties, heavy-duty plastic corner stakes, and center court marking. A beginner can make his/her own court with this and practice easily.
  2. Volleyball resistance band: This is a uniquely designed self-training volleyball aid that can prevent excessive upward arm movement. It comes with a lightweight wrist cuff which is designed to minimize ball contact interface. Attach the elastic band with the wrists and ankles and practice easily.
  3. Serving tosses and arm swing returns aid: It is another solo practice volleyball attack trainer that comes with an adjustable cord and waist strap. The cord is adjustable in length which is attached with the waist strap. One can practice arm swing technique and tosses multiple times in a row.
  4. Spike training system: It is a perfect trainer designed to improve the spiking power and speed. Train with a group alone, this training system includes poles, elastic cord, and flexible holder that can be attached to poles, backyard playsets, garage ceilings, and much more.
  5. Hand correction band: Volleyball training hand gesture straps are designed to increase the ability to control the ball and transfer more in place. One can standardize the hand in the past without touching the ball during the training.


This was all about the volleyball training aids. Playing volleyball is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It can be played with a single partner or with an entire team. Involvement in the game can improve the mood, reduce stress and build up self-confidence. So, take the help of the volleyball training aids and improve the skills without any error.

Post Author: Kara Ariel