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Luol Deng Won’t Resign with Cleveland

The new Cleveland Cavaliers forward Luol Deng will most likely not re-sign because of the mess behind closed doors. Most of the Cleveland Cavaliers are immature and disrespectful. They get kicked out of practice, threaten to quit, and talk back to Mike Brown. There is no respect in the organization. I agree with Deng’s decisions and thoughts about the organization. The Cavaliers need a brutal awakening if they want to succeed.


H/T ProSportsDaily

“And the general toxicity in the air around this team — where rumblings of player discontent with Mike Brown are getting louder by the day — makes you wonder if they have any hope of re-signing newly acquired (and shell-shocked) Luol Deng in free agency.That’s right: What was supposed to be a season exciting enough to make LeBron James think seriously about leaving Miami to come back to the Cavs has descended into such farce that sources close to the situation are already saying that there’s little-to-no chance Deng will agree to stay once he hits free agency.”

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